There's a difference between a CV and a Resume.

I don't know how many times I've had to go back deep in my tweets to find a thread I once did on CVs being different from Resumes, so here I'm just summing up all those tweets into something that I can easily find and reference for anyone who needs to see it. Also. This is editable so it can change along with my opinions on the matter.

If you're the person applying for a job, try and make sure that you have both.

A CV, from all the online templates I've seen on the internet, the CVs of my peers that were sent to me and even the ones I used to see back in the day printed out with blue and pink borders. The ones that carry general information about the person, the multipage one... The one that has your past job references where we, without work experience put down our PhD candidate friends and the lecturers that we got along with. The one with the line "Criminal Record: None" or "Sex: Male" etc... That's a CV!

A Resume. I have no idea what this is or what it's supposed to look like, but I have a general idea. This is supposed to be a 1 page document that is most likely specific to the role or career path you're interested in or vested in. A CV should be understood by every reader. You should be able to send the very same CV to Shoprite for a store manager role or to Yumbi for a call center agent role without having to change anything. A resume is, on the other hand, this fancy page with enough details for an employer of the field to know enough about your skills and work experience.

My resume has, under skills, "HTML" as one of the items. I cannot send this to Toyota to be a car salesman. But my CV? Yes. A Resume can be replaced with, for a developer, a portfolio site. I sense for some professions, proof of work replaces it, like graphic design with their design portfolio. A Resume is like a fancy detailed business card for an unemployed person.

I don't need to be some professional recruit hiring manager to know these things. It's just general knowledge. It's actually really surprising how many people overlook these details. I wonder how many people were declined job offers because they sent Resumes when a CV was required, and I wonder how many of those firms actually explained why? or the person masquerading with a resume as a CV will continue applying to other places nonetheless without this crucial detail.

I do also wonder if some companies actually expect more resumes and do not differentiate between the two types of these documents. I wonder if they are explicit enough about these things or everyone is winging it, whoever gets hired is the lucky one.